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Less Than Four Weeks to Go!

So, now it's less than four weeks to the day I'll go start my journey. I decided I'll drive to Vilnius around August 1st, depending on when I'll get an apartment. Still hunting, still can't decide. Almost decided on one, but it was online for only a day and then disappeared again. It's been there before, maybe it'll come back...

I'll drive from Tallinn to Vilnius, since it's the best way to get my stuff there. I'll probably drive the car back after a couple of months, since I have to get it checked out before the year is over anyway. And I probably won't need it that much there. Not to mention I'm not sure if I'm allowed to have it there for longer periods. At least in Finland I think there are some limitations. Anywho, it'll come home and I'll fly back.

Still some things to take care of and I haven't started on the extremely detailed list of things I need/want to take with me. I thought it'd be best to make a complete list of each and every thing, no matter how small. That way I won't forget something important. Or maybe everything important, but I'll at least have lots of little things with me. We'll see how it goes.

The school starts on August 26th, so I'll have some time to hang around by myself, or maybe with some people I know there. And getting to know some people too. After that it's all studies and no time to play...

We had a preparatory assignment where we had to list three things we expect the most from the journey. I could only think of two: meeting interesting people and learning the language. Everything else is a plus.

We also had to think about three things we'll miss most and least. I couldn't really think about anything else that I'll miss than my partner and the things I'll miss the least... well, only my current university came to mind. It's good to get away from it at least.

I'll also be so close to home (only around 600km + a short ferry trip, or a one hour flight) so it's not a problem to come here if something happens. So I'm not expecting anything to go wrong really. And since I don't really have anything special in this country, I won't be missing anything.

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