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Confirmation Arrived!

So, now I have received the confirmation of acceptance from VGTU! The orientation period would start on the 28th of August, so they recommend arriving a day or two before. I think I'll move there in the beginning of August, so I'll have lots of time to acclimatize. And most likely to be homesick.

I have still been checking out apartments and there are a couple that seem to pop up and down intermittently. Quite nice and very near to the campus. Have to see if they pop up again right before I go there. Would be nice to get a good apartment from the start and not having to switch to some other place later on.

I also checked out some insurances. Our school has a basic travelers' insurance, but they recommend getting a personal one too, since its coverage isn't that great. I asked my insurance company and they said that travelers' insurance is only for three months, though I could get some extension for it up to a year. But it would be quite costly. So I don't know if the teachers meant other insurances, like home insurance, or what's the matter.

Insuring my stuff would cost several hundred euros, if I did it via my home insurance in Finland and the coverage would be up to 4665 euros. Getting a coverage of up to 14500 euros locally would cost less than 60 euros for the 11 months I'll be staying there. And this was just the first insurance company I checked out and I have to naturally read the terms. But I think I'll be getting a local insurance rather than extending my existing one...

So, now it's just trying to get things in order for the trip in five weeks. Maybe I should start a list about the things I have to take with me. Wouldn't want to notice there that I left something vital back home. Many things can be bought there, but if I already have something and can take it with me, why not do it.

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