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Apartment Hunting Woes

I never thought finding an apartment would be a walk in the park, but I certainly didn't expect these kinds of problems. I've got only two weeks to go and still no apartment. And not because I haven't been looking or finding anything.

First one I found was a nice studio apartment in the same block as the school about two weeks ago. Decided I'd try to get that so that would be over with. Before I could, it was taken down since somebody else rented it. Damn.

Then I found another nice apartment. Emailed about it. Already rented. But it's still online even on the broker's website. Don't they want me or what? Clearly they didn't use it to hunt prospects for other apartments since they didn't offer me anything else. Just said "it's already rented."

Next one was another modern place. Not the cheapest one, but decided I'd go for it. Broker asked if I'm coming to work there, since they want to be sure the rent is paid. I said I'm coming to study, but I'm not some 20 yo student living off benefits and rent wouldn't be a problem. So they said the owner wouldn't want to wait until the end of July when I'd be coming and I should rent it from July 15th. I said ok, but I can't be there personally until the end of the month, can we take care of the paperwork etc via email? No answer after that. So looks like no go for that either.

Then, I noticed one a bit cheaper flat. Good location, modern, cheap heating etc. Only phone number available. I asked a friend to call them and get it for me. No answer on the phone, going on the third day now. And on the ad they said "QUICKLY!" So probably won't be getting that one either.

So, it's four apartments, zero success at the moment. Getting low on options, unless something nice pops up soon.


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