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The Joy That Is Using Steam - Secure and Convenient

Steam Multiaccount Use

Steam is very worried about your security. You know, they have two-factor authentication and all. But what they don't tell you is that they really don't care about it that much if you're sharing a computer.

Many people have a shared gaming machine connected to the TV and sound system. People who have their separate save games, achievements etc. But how does Steam handle this? They don't. Not really.

If you have a shared machine you can only have one account logged in at a time. If you log in with User1 to the PC and then to Steam, User2 will also see your Steam account and can do whatever with it!

There is no separation between user accounts and Steam. Of course if you don't save your password they can't access it, but it gets quite complicated.

I contacted them about this since of course I assumed it's some problem with how I use it. Steam's response: yes, that's how it works. Just don't save passwords and log in every time you need another account.

So, this is the level of security and convenience they offer. All data is stored on a shared, readable by everyone section. No separation of accounts. No brains used.

And the funny thing is this: it's easier to do things so that nothing is shared than it is to share things. Still the chose to do it this way and allow breaching of security, making things harder for users etc.

Steam Mobile

The mobile "apps" Steam has done are ridiculous. I say "apps" in quotes because they're not really apps. They're a website shoved into a shell of an app. Everything is a webpage, everything works badly, doesn't scale to the screen, is slow, buggy and all you can expect.

I don't understand why they even bother having apps when all it does under the hood is open a browser. Granted, it gets notifications about two-factor auth or confirmations but that's nothing you couldn't do otherwise.


Oh, and for some reason Steam decided to add this game DOTA 2 to my library. It also keeps on saying "GAME PURCHASED Today". No, I've never touched the game, never played it, never even seen it. Why is it pushed on me? Why does it say I "purchased" it? Because Steam knows best?

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