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Task List

Lots to do right now, so I'll have to compile a list of all the things to take care of!

  • select courses to take during exchange
  • find corresponding courses at own university
  • get a new passport (naturally current passport just expired)
  • get credit transfer done (I don't have enough credits on my other student ID currently)
  • get the transcript of records
  • get a language certificate from a teacher that says I'll be just fine with English
  • write all information into the Learning Agreement
  • find out about the Erasmus Intensive Language Course (I'd love to get some B level education in Lithuanian)
  • apply for a grant for language studies
  • apply for a grant from Erasmus
  • apply for a grant from Metropolia
  • inform the state that I'm going
  • find out if I can get more housing benefits since the apartments aren't that cheap anyway
  • find an apartment
  • get flights
  • check vaccinations
  • insurance
  • get the European Health Insurance Card

I think that's most of it. I've already got the EHIC, so one thing done!

Also browsed through the course list and pretty sure what I'll take, too bad it's towards software systems and not totally electronics, so I'll have to make sure they'll be accepted at Metropolia somehow.

Credit transfer application in and preliminary ok received.

On Friday I've got a chat with an English teacher and I'll get the language certificate. Going well so far...

Passport application in three weeks, or I'll have to go stand in a queue. Too bad I'd need the passport number and expiration date now, since the application form asks for them. Have to see about that.

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