Orientation Begun

Orientation for the exchange has begun. Last week we had a very information packed beginning at Leppävaara campus about insurances, financing the studies, what to do and when etc. Yesterday we had the first workshop of a new course that is mandatory for students going out for exchange.

The workshop was mainly theoretical things and explanation about the whole course, but the next ones will be less theoretical, I hear. The information given was either not new to me or not that interesting (theoretical views of cultures and aspects etc), since I'm a practical person. I'm also in contact with lots of people from different cultures all the time and I have been a part of AIESEC activities in the past, so it's nothing new really. But it wasn't a boring or pointless workshop by any means either.

We will have three more workshops during the following weeks and then we'll have some tasks while abroad and two workshops when we return next year.


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