Matching Courses - How?

Matching courses is hard work. From the 68 credits I've selected for my studies I have successfully matched 19 credits and partially matched 21 credits. So 28 credits are still missing and I have no idea where to find the courses. I wouldn't want to clump them together for some "innovation project" or "random studies", but I just might have to.

It's really strange that Metropolia doesn't seem to have that many courses in e.g. signal processing. It's an essential thing in many places. In my plan I have 18 credits worth of signals and systems + project + DSP processing + tools, in Metropolia there's only 3 credit courses on signals, DSP, and maths. So if I add them up, I'm still 9 credits short!

I couldn't find a course that would handle information coding either. I did try every possible search term and browsed through the curriculums, but nothing.

So, how to match 28 credits worth of DSP, information coding, computer architecture, peripherals, digital devices and programming to something, that is a hard one. I can't really change my course selections since there aren't much more available for bachelor's level and I don't think I'd find matching courses for those either.

Time to contact someone for advice, it seems.

ELESB11302 Script Programming 6 TT00AB28 Script Programming 3
ELESB11502 Digital Devices 6 TE00AD03 Digital Electronics; Sequential logic 3
ELESB11513 Operating System Concepts 4 TT00AA24 Operating Systems 3
ELESB11520 Information Coding 4      
ELESB11522 Signals and Systems 5 TE00AC86 Signals 3
      XX00AA62 Digital Signal Processing Mathematics 3
ELESB11515 Signals and Systems Course Project 3      
ELESB11722 Digital Signal Processing Tools 6      
ELESB11609 Digital Signal Processing 4 TX00AD50 Digital Signal Processing 3
ELESB11403 Computer Architecture 6 XX00AA77 Computer Architecture 3
ELKIB11620 Computer Peripherals 5 TI00AB87 Embedded Networking 3
ELESB11612 Microcontroller Systems 5 XX00BE34 Microprocessors 4
ELKIB11621 Microprocessors and their Programming 5 TE00AD33 Microcontrollers and Embedded Programming 6
ELESB11401 Electronic Devices 6 TE00AD02 Analogue Electronics; Transistors 3
      TE00AC97 Introduction to Analog Electronics 3
ELKIB11402 Databases 3 XX00AA22 Database Structures 3

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