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LinkedIn Still Pushing Flawed "Skill Assesments"

If you've ever noticed LinkedIn pushing these "Skill Assesments", don't bother. If you've ever taken one, as a developer, you've also surely noticed how bad they are. I have no idea who has made them, but it's not by anyone who actually works in the field. Let's have an example:

Now, a simple question. Here's a static method in a class. How should I call it? And then... none of the answers is correct. None. First tries to create an object, but that's not how static methods work. Second calls a function that doesn't exist. Third does the same as the first, but with invalid syntac. And fourth calls a nonexistent function again.

So which answer should be chosen? There's no way to say "none", you have to choose. So you have to guess. I did send feedback about these broken assesments, but I'm not holding my breath.

And no, it's not just one question. Let's see another:

Again, no correct answer. First is not correct, since obj surely is defined. Second is incorrect since we aren't calling any method named reduce, or on a valueless object. Third one is incorrect since it isn't an empty object. And fourth one is incorrect since a value of null was not set.

The correct answer? undefined. That's completely different from null, empty object, or whatever. This is basics. Why is a person who doesn't even know basics writing these?

I also for fun did an "Object Oriented Programming" one and that one didn't seem to have this situation, but it had another problem: it asked about things entirely irrelevant. It asked about naming things which, while important, is not part of OOP. It asked about project management. Again, not part of OOP. And many other things.

It felt like they didn't know what to ask about the subject so they went for random questions in random things.

So if you ever see anyone with a "Skill Assesment" badge, ignore it. It doesn't mean the person knows anything. And especially lacking one doesn't mean they wouldn't know anything. Might be the assesment just is entirely broken and there's no way to guess what would be the "correct" answer.

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