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Xamarin, Still...

Xamarin is still being a pain, as per usual. Yes, some things have been fixed and some things have gone better, but still so many things are wrong.

For example, if I try to build a project and click cancel in the middle I can't build again. Not before I kill Xamarin Studio. No, not close, since closing hangs it. I have to kill it. This has been in several versions, be it stable, beta or alpha. No fix in sight it seems.

Xamarin Android creates resource files that reference non-existent resources. Just because. No idea why. I just updated to the latest stable and it happened again. And when I try to clean the project Xamarin Studio crashes. It crashes several times a day anyway, so nothing new.

Of course I could use Visual Studio. Oh, wait, I can't since it has never worked properly on our project. It just has lots of errors. I'll try it again anyway.

Oh, I can't. It shows errors trying to open the project. Logs say it's trying to use Xamarin.Android when the installed version is And of course it's not that easy as to just download an installer for that part and update.

Rewriting URLs got me the package, let's install and reboot and see what happens then... Nothing. Still saying incompatible. Let's clear MEF cache since reasons. Doesn't help either. So let's just be in the dark with broken Xamarin Studio, no possibility to use Visual Studio, broken layout editors, crashes and everything. Since that is the Xamarin way and that will just continue.

Oh, and for fun, write (2 * 1.5f) / 2 into the expression evaluator. Result: 2 (int). Yeah. Implicit conversion for reasons unknown. So don't be surprised if the expression evaluator shows strange results while debugging.


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