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Vilnius vs Helsinki - A Series on My Experiences

I've already written a post about some things at It's So Same But Different but that's just a scratch on the surface.

I am starting a series of posts on Vilnius vs Helsinki. It could be more of a Lithuania vs Finland, but since I have never really experienced Lithuania in any other way than being in Vilnius, I cannot make such a comparison. I know much more about Finland having lived there most of my life, so maybe it is Vilnius vs Finland. We will see.

The posts give my view on the differences and similarities in things between these places. Maybe even compared to some other places I've been. It's not a way of saying "this is better than that" even though there may be my preferences on how things are better for me. So don't take anything personally if you happen to disagree. But do leave a comment if you do.

I find differences in cultures and ways very interesting and since I have been living in Vilnius for over 18 months I have experienced many things. A lot is yet to experience and I am sure some of the things I may mention aren't done by every single person here, or people may think totally differently. But since it is my experiences, I won't go make proper research about it.

I'm writing on several categories and when I have enough to say I'll publish it. There's going to be things about food, apartments, public transport, mentality, this and that. Time will tell.

So I hope the upcoming posts will be interesting to show my view of things as a Finn living here and maybe spark some conversations about other people's experiences.

You can find all the posts as they come at Vilnius vs Helsinki.

  • Sam

    8/6/2016 12:05:43 AM |

    Wow, that's must be interesting comparsion. I never was in Vilnius so I will read your article with pleasure.
    By the way, there's some nice ICT specialists in Finland: http://en.ictdirect.fi/services

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