Waiting for Confirmation, Apartment Hunting...

So, got all documents in order a while back and took them to the international affairs office. The deadline for applications was moved two weeks forward, so there was a lot of anxious waiting. Finally on May 22th I received a message saying that my application has been receivet at VGTU and they should get the confirmation for me in mid-June. So even more waiting...

While waiting I've been checking out apartments. This is one thing you should never do! There have been some very nice places for rent, but naturally they've gone already. To my surprise some of them have also come back. I don't know if they just rented them out for a short while, or if the owner kept them away for some time and then put them back up.

By default the students that go to "lower cost countries" like Lithuania can get 75.68€ for housing. This is very little, since even student apartments can cost 100-200€. Fortunately there is a mention that if the rent is more than that, students can apply for a larger amount and are eligible for up to 210€ (the maximum independent of the country). This is a good thing since the apartments I'm looking at are not even near 100€.

Also the Erasmus+ grant info was sent, so in total I should get almost 700€/month. This should be ok for the apartment and food, but not for much else. Then again, in Helsinki that would only pay for the apartment and nothing more. And I'm not expecting to get everything paid for me.

I'm going to get an apartment near the school in Naujamiestis. It's a nice neighborhood and I already know what's around, so I can find my way to the supermarkets and at least two pizza places ;) The rents would be less further away, but traveling to school would take time and I'd rather just walk.

So now I'll just wait and try not to look at the apartments (or maybe only twice a day). After I get the confirmation I can start planning more. If there is no intensive language course available for Erasmus students, then I'll probably leave in the beginning of August, a month before the school starts.

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