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Language Certificate Handled, Credit Transfer Accepted

Now I've gotten the certificate for my English language skills. Quite painless procedure, as it should be. There is no need for any officialcertificate (like Cambridge etc) since it's just to make sure the student has the required skills to be able to study and survive abroad. I've been using English daily for such a long time that I have no problems with it. Mostly I just write the language, so it'll be nice to get some more speaking experience too, but I'm able to babble very efficiently already.

I also got my credit transfer application handled. Now all I need to do is wait for the credits to appear in the system and then I can get the transcript.

Next step: passport queue tomorrow. Hopefully it won't take more than a week to get it, so I'll get the paperwork done early. Then there shouldn't be any surprises, or if there is I have time to handle them.

Also the corresponding courses have to be sorted out. That'll be the agenda for next weel.

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